Hi! ​I'm Stéphanie!

I'm a certified coach, spiritual teacher, energy healer & founder of SV Empowerment.

I transformed my life after 10+ years of following what I thought were my dreams & waking up one day realizing that they weren't. Feeling lost, overwhelmed & stuck, I decided to go on a self-discovery journey.

My goal was to find out what to find the things that brought me joy & truly fulfilled me. I achieved my goal & it has been the MOST amazing experience!

I resigned from my corporate career & now I own a successful business that focusing on empowerment coaching & energy healing.

I'm here to show you all of the tools, techniques, tips & tricks that I've learned along the way that has proven to transform my life!

"Stéphanie helped me discover my self-confidence. I'm now able to trust myself & my intuition for the first-time in my life"

- Ellie Deakin, Digital Marketer

"I used to feel so guilty expressing myself & my wants with my family, friends & even co-workers. Now, I'm more confident than ever to let the real me be seen and heard"

- Stephanie Sampang, Account Manager

"Working with Stephanie has been life-changing! I am no longer drained from “out of nowhere” or from friendships. I feel empowered to make adjustments in my life in ways that I know energize me!"

- Chelsea Jackson, General Manager

Ready to become the most joyful version of you?
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